itsi - a boilerplate for websites built with go

My primary goal in this year was to build this site you are on and the second one was to learn go. I asume that visiters know what go is, when not please look it up here: Golang

The reason i chose to learn go is that collegues from work are using it and they love it. And also my team is also having an eye on it and there are a lot of ideas around distributed systems.

So i started learning it in April and found my self a lot on the Site of Alex Edwards which I highly recommend. I also bought his book Let's go, which I also highly recommend.

For training purpose I built this week itsi. A boilerplate for websites built with go. I also could have used a framework like gin-gonic but I wanted to go a more minimal way. It's just what I mostly need for prototyping an idea and not more.

So what do you get from itsi?

  • a structure how to layout your app
  • a router
  • dependency injection
  • middleware setup
  • panic handling

You can check itis out on github: go-itsi