Hi there! 👋 I'm Daniel Pointecker

a self-taught software developer from the picturesque town of Schärding, Upper Austria 🇦🇹 Since diving into the world of web development in 2014, I've been on a thrilling journey of growth and discovery.

My adventure in web development began with mastering the fundamentals: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. As I delved deeper, my interests evolved towards the Node.js ecosystem, enhancing my projects with frameworks like Vue and React, and leveraging TypeScript for its powerful type-checking features.

More recently, my professional path has led me to work on innovative projects for diagnostic systems in railway signaling. In this niche, I embrace the role of a full-stack developer, crafting system software in Rust. This transition not only signifies a pivot in my technical focus but also underlines my versatility and eagerness to tackle complex challenges.

I'm captivated by web development's ever-changing landscape, which constantly offers new knowledge to absorb and fresh challenges to overcome.