My favourite mac apps in 2021

In 2021 I switched quite a few apps which where my daily drivers before. Here i listed them and describe a bit whats brought me to switch.


Tableplus is a sql development tool. It's a GUI for your SQL databases like Postgres, MySQL, Sqlite and what not. Before I used Squel pro and in my job Datagrip. The reason why I chose Tableplus for my personal and freelance projects is it's clean and beautiful UI. The UX is very intuitive and I realy enjoy using it.



DBngin is a Database management tool from the makers of Tableplus. As Tableplus it has a intuitive UI and overall great usability. It's a really nice addition to your dev toolbelt.



Raycast is a really good alternative to Alfred, which I used before. It's a really quick app laucher with speedy search. You can check tasks send links and a lot more stuff with a lot of handy extensions for e.g. Figma, Spotify, Github and a lot more. It would be cool if you could adjust the size of the preview icons in the search overlay but this is no big deal just a beauty thing.



Tabby is a terminal shell and replaces iTerm2 in my setup. It's speedy and very customizable. I really like it's UI and easy to use settings page. It's a very welcome variety to me as I used iTerm2 since ages.



Window management in macos is not good. So I used tools like Manet before but was not really happy with it at all so I didn't use it anyways. A few weeks ago I stumbled over Amethyst and I must say I really like it. The difference to Magnet is that it updates the layout of the screen automatically as you open and close app windows. This is the point what makes the difference for me as I have barly to do by myself and my hands do not need to reach for the mouse as often as before. It comes with a lot of shortcuts but when you are trained this app is awesome.

Link: Amethyst