Building TimeTrim: A Nuxt.js 3 App on Netlify, All Within My Lunch Break!

In this fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and every minute counts. Inspired by the need to optimize productivity, I set out to create TimeTrim, a web app that effortlessly subtracts breaks from the end time of a workday. What's more, I challenged myself to complete the entire development process during my lunch break. Read on to discover how I leveraged the tools I love, such as Vue 3, Nuxt.js 3, and Tailwind CSS, to build a remarkable website with zero configuration.

The Power of Nuxt.js 3

To kickstart my project, I turned to Nuxt.js 3, the latest version of the popular Vue.js framework. With Nuxt.js 3, the development experience was nothing short of exceptional. The newly introduced features, like the improved developer experience and simplified configuration, allowed me to hit the ground running. The seamless integration of Vue 3's composition API further empowered me to build a performant and scalable application.

Embracing Tailwind CSS for Effortless Styling

Styling can often be a time-consuming aspect of web development. However, with Tailwind CSS at my disposal, creating a visually appealing and responsive design became an absolute breeze. Tailwind CSS's utility-first approach and extensive set of pre-built classes allowed me to rapidly prototype and fine-tune the UI without the need to write custom CSS. The result? A sleek and polished user interface with minimal effort.

Zero Configuration with Netlify

As I aimed to complete the entire project within my lunch break, an efficient deployment process was crucial. Fortunately, I turned to Netlify, a powerful hosting platform that seamlessly integrates with my Git repository. With Netlify, I could automate the deployment process and ensure that every change I pushed to my repository was instantly reflected on the live website. The zero-configuration setup of Netlify allowed me to focus solely on coding, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free development experience.

Developer Bliss in a Limited Time

The combination of Vue 3, Nuxt.js 3, Tailwind CSS, and Netlify provided me with a harmonious developer experience. From the initial project setup to the deployment, I encountered minimal roadblocks, enabling me to concentrate on crafting the core functionalities of TimeTrim. This synergy between the tools I love not only accelerated my development speed but also enhanced my overall satisfaction throughout the process.


In the span of a lunch break, I successfully built TimeTrim, a Nuxt.js 3 app that subtracts breaks from the end time of a workday. The developer experience offered by Vue 3, Nuxt.js 3, Tailwind CSS, and the seamless deployment capabilities of Netlify were instrumental in achieving this feat. The project exemplified how the right tools and a well-structured workflow can enable developers to accomplish remarkable results even within strict time constraints. So, the next time you're aiming to create something extraordinary, don't be afraid to harness the power of these incredible technologies and see what you can achieve within your lunch break!