Building a desktop eBook Reader App: A Developer's Journey

Are you an avid reader who's still clinging to physical books because you haven't found the perfect eBook reader app for windows? You're not alone. As a fellow bookworm, I've struggled to find an eBook reader app that truly captures the essence of reading while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. That's why I've decided to take matters into my own hands and build the eBook reader app from scratch.

Why build a new eBook reader app?

There are several reasons why I believe a new and improved eBook reader app is necessary:

Enhanced reading experience: Existing eBook reader apps often fall short of delivering the same level of enjoyment as physical books. A great piece of software should make reading more joyful and engaging.

Night-time reading: Physical books can be difficult to read in low-light conditions. A well-designed app should allow users to comfortably read in any environment.

Space-saving: eBooks have the potential to save a significant amount of space compared to physical books, but only if the user is inclined to use an eBook reader app.

Searchability: One major disadvantage of physical books is their limited search functionality. An excellent eBook reader app should provide a robust search feature, allowing users to quickly locate relevant information within their library.

AI-powered features: By integrating AI technology, the app can make it even easier for users to find the information they need more effectively and efficiently.

Join me on this adventure!

I'm excited to start this journey and share my progress with you all. Throughout the process, I'll be blogging about my experiences with various technologies, comparing options like Tauri vs. Electron and Angular vs. Svelte. I'll also be discussing the challenges I face along the way and the solutions I develop to overcome them.

I invite you to follow my journey as I work to create my eBook reader app. With your support and feedback, together we can revolutionize the way we consume digital literature and make reading a more enjoyable and efficient experience for everyone. Stay tuned for updates, and let's create something amazing together!